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1986-2010 mdfinternational.com a website of MDF TECHNOLOGIES, Inc.


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Cam and camshaft manufacturer

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With over half a century of experience, MTS-SA produces state-of-the-art cams and camshafts.

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The MTS-SA broad range of cam and camshaft products and services, including custom engineered products, meets the demanding specifications of commercial and military customers worldwide.



MTS-SA Commitment: At MTS, uncompromising quality, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries are our number one priorities. Our unique blend of expertise, innovation, craftsmanship and dedication to service has kept hundred of customers satisfied worldwide.


As a full service manufacturing facility, MTS-SA produces cams and camshafts from a range of 9 inches (220 mm) to 40 feet long (12m) and from 1 lb. (.450 kg) to 27 000 lbs. (12 tons)

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Global Presence: European Union (France), USA, and China

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High precision in Production

A large assortment of machines from turning, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, to heat treatment equipment, enables us to produce cams and camshafts for many applications including automotive, truck, railway, marine diesel and gas engines.

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Quality Control

To insure the highest quality of our cams and camshafts, our Quality Control Department is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring machines.

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An in-house Research & Development Department, working closely with customers to improve quality and reliability of their engines



An extensive reference list from the automotive, railways, marine and diesel/gas engine manufacturers (Peugeot-Renault-Volvo, Renault-Sport, Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Toyota Racing Development, Scania, IVECO, Coltec, DLW, French Railways, Pielstick, Warstila, Waukesha, etc....).



MTS-SA is ISO 9002 and EAQF certified


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